Monday, 4 July 2016

Repairing MTCs - By Dion Siluch

 Repairing MTCs - By Dion Siluch

There are a handful of MTC models used in industry today, many of which have now been used for over a decade. The question is whether it is better to purchase a used MTC and finish the repairs yourself or buy a brand new MTC… Lets look at some pros and cons about repairing a used MTC.

The easiest pro is simply money. You can buy a used MTC for half of what a new one goes for. If you’re handy with tools or know someone who can source the parts, buying a used MTC might be a great option for saving money. Another pro that is attractive is the decals, buying a used MTC creates a perfect time to remove those old decals and apply some brand new company decals for your own advertising.

The biggest con for repairing an MTC is the uncertainty. What needs to be repaired and where can someone find the parts? From experience it’s fairly easy to find replacement parts online if you spend a couple hours searching, however this takes patience. And be sure you have all the appropriate hardware for installations. Missing bolts, nuts and washers can create delays in getting your MTC up to working condition. Buy a new MTC could eliminate this hassle but usually costs a lot more $$!

Overall the choice is yours, but buying a used MTC is still my favorite choice.

Dion Siluch

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