Saturday, 8 October 2016

Expanding the fleet - What it looks like

Expanding the fleet - What it looks like

Since the increase in rentals and the overwhelming number of inquiries over the past months, we have decided to increase our fleet size. One of the techniques we use to move ahead effectively is refurbishing older MTCs in order to keep costs low. Typically these savings are passed on to our customers as we are able to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Due to the longevity of fibreglass material, cleaning up the outside of Tufport brand MTCs can be quite easy with the proper tools.

Once we finish refurbishing the inside and outside of the unit, we will outfit the MTC with brand new decals in order to comply with OH&S standards. After we add first aid supplies and properly sterilize the environment inside, the MTC will be ready for use!


By Dion Siluch